Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Government of Namibia - Websites Directory 2017

Office of the President http://www.op.gov.na/
Office of the Prime Minister http://www.opm.gov.na/
Office of the Judiciary http://www.judiciary.na/
Agriculture, Water and Forestry http://www.mawf.gov.na/
Defence http://www.mod.gov.na/
Education, Arts and Culture http://www.moe.gov.na/
Environment and Tourism http://www.met.gov.na/
Finance http://www.mof.gov.na/
Fisheries and Marine Resources http://www.mfmr.gov.na/
Gender Equality and Child Welfare http://www.mgecw.gov.na/
Health and Social Services http://www.mhss.gov.na/
Home Affairs and Immigration http://www.mha.gov.na/
Higher Education, Training and Innovation http://www.moe.gov.na
Industrialization, Trade and SME Development http://www.mti.gov.na/
International Relations and Cooperation http://www.mirco.gov.na/
Information and Communication Technology http://www.mict.gov.na/
Justice http://www.moj.gov.na/
Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation http://www.mol.gov.na/
Land Reform http://www.mlr.gov.na/
Mines and Energy http://www.mme.gov.na/
Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare  
Public Enterprises http://www.mpe.gov.na/
Safety & Security  
Namibian Correctional Service http://www.ncs.gov.na/
Namibian Police Force http://www.nampol.gov.na/
Sport, Youth and National Service http://www.msyns.gov.na/
Urban and Rural Development http://www.murd.gov.na/
Works and Transport http://www.mwt.gov.na/
Anti-Corruption Commission http://www.accnamibia.org/
Electoral Commission of Namibia http://www.ecn.na/
Namibia Central Intelligence Service  
National Planning Commission http://www.npc.gov.na/
Office of the Attorney-General http://www.ag.gov.na/
Office of the Auditor-General http://www.oag.gov.na/
Office of the Ombudsman http://www.ombudsman.org.na/
Public Service Commission of Namibia http://www.psc.gov.na/